Siebel Executive Summary

August 23, 2007



Our goal is to provide our internal ABC COMPANY teams and customers with the appropriate execution data to help develop good account plans that will enable all of us to be more effective with our Retail accounts.

Where does Siebel get its data and how does it integrate with System 1 and System 2?

How does Siebel fit in with System 1?

In 2007, Siebel functionality will be available to all customers by merging the functionality of two key sales applications -- ABC and XYZ -- into Siebel.

Siebel will seamlessly communicate Corporate Objectives and offer analytical tools to determine the effectiveness of retail sales and marketing programs.

  Sales1 and Sales2 data

  Analytics Siebel delivered using XYZ infrastructure

How does Siebel fit in with ABCs Accounting Systems?

Siebel does not replace the Sales Accounting System (SAS). Instead, it uses the standard information (ABC, MNO, JKL, etc) that our customers already send to ABC COMPANY via their SAS.

Siebel and System2 are designed to integrate with each other. You will be able to receive objectives and send execution data from/to Siebel. NOTE: That same design work will not be done for non-System2 handhelds.

Non-mobility customers will get views of all sales, distribution and Wing Nut data that are available to System2 wholesalers. Execution data is the only thing they will not see.

Other similar solutions are available to our customers such as Gizmo1 and Gizmo2. Siebel differs from these solutions in that our customers are not charge for the application and standardized views are available for all end-users. With Siebel, both our customers and ABC COMPANY (field sales) will have the same view of the data.

  Gizmo1 cannot access that information. If you already have a reporting application in place, it will not be customized to the exact views of an individual wholesaler.

  Analytics: Customer data views will be customized to be the same views as ABC COMPANY field sales.

The key benefit is that ABC COMPANY field personnel and our customers will have access to the same information. Regional Sales Managers will no longer need to send customer reports on a regular basis. All parties will have identical views of Sales, Causal and Execution data.

Question:  When will the tool be fully functional?

Answer:  We plan for wholesalers to have full access to Siebel by the 4th Quarter of this year; but the functionality will evolve over the years much like the System2 platform.

Question:  How will Siebel improve the bottom line?

Answer:  Information is a key competitive advantage in todays marketplace. Improved sales effectiveness and more consistent execution at retail are just some of the benefits. In addition, Siebel will help measure ABC COMPANYs effectiveness of its marketing investments.

Question:  Who, at our customer sites, will use Siebel and how will they use it?

User groups include: Equity Agreement Managers, Sales Managers, Key Account Managers, and potentially Team Leads. These end-users will use the data to:

  Collaborate with ABC COMPANY field sales,

  View objectives and supporting sales collateral from ABC Company,

  Integrate those objectives into their System2 Account Level Objective setting process, and

  Share a common view of Sales Results, XYZ and Execution.


How does Siebel fit in with System2?

ABC COMPANY will leverage the power of System2 and Siebel to enhance our position as the industry leader. Our investment in Siebel adds value to System2 in five ways:

  ABC COMPANY sales objectives will be seamlessly integrated into our customers Account Level Objective setting process within System2.

  ABC COMPANY objectives will have pre-packaged sales collateral and System2 will help manage that collateral.

  System2 enables execution and tracking to occur at the retail point of sale.

  Execution information is seamlessly sent between our customers and ABC COMPANY.

  ABC COMPANY and our customers will share a common view of sales, distribution, and retail execution elements through Siebel Analytics.

Our customers will be able to select objectives from Siebel and place them directly into System2 for an individual account. In addition, for chain retailers, actions required from Key Account Manager calls will be targeted directly to those chain accounts requiring execution. And at the same time, ABC COMPANY field sales personnel will be able to view identical information provided by Siebel.

Whenever possible, we will continue integrating Seibel and System2 applications to eliminate redundancy and allow data to be entered into a unified system.

Whats in store for 2008 and beyond?

Sometime during 2008, we will introduce Dashboard reports, which will:

  Support tracking of performance and effectiveness,

  Help uncover opportunities,

  Consolidate views of multiple subject areas,

  Provide point-and-click navigation from summary to detail, and

  Offer saved filter options.