Technical Communicator, Business Analyst, Project
Manager, Instructional Designer and Certified Trainer

I have more than 20 years experience in business and
technical communications, news and feature writing,
instructional design, technical writing and training,
teaching and project management.  I also have some
experience with social-media and text-messaging.
Alice C. Dames

I provide:
  • virtual, project-based consulting and freelance work for firms located anywhere the
    Internet reaches, and
  • full-time, on-site consulting for firms located in the St. Louis metro area.


Clifton/Gallup - Top 5 Strengths: Woo, Communication, Individualization, Input,

I've been making my living working in technology since the 1980's, and my
client list and
samples are quite extensive.

Yet even though I understand, use and enjoy technology, I'm the farthest thing from a
"propeller-head."  I employ creative methods every day to help my clients effectively
communicate their key messages.

During my undergraduate years, I majored in liberal arts -- specifically, drama, vocal music
and English.  I also completed 21 hours toward a Masters in Education.  So when you factor
in my education with my work experience, it  makes for a very interesting and creative mix.

Why Creativity Is So Essential

Knowledge equals power!  We communicate with others to share knowledge and vital
information.  Effective communication is empowering and helpful, while incomplete or
ineffective communication is frustrating and useless.

The best technical communicators and training  professionals usually employ creative
methods because  they know they must keep their audience actively engaged.  

If a document, web site or training program uses a lot of  useless jargon (a.k.a., "alphabet
soup") or strays far from  everyday plain English, your audience will get lost on the dark side
of the moon.  You don't want them to go there!