Alice's Restaurant

A Tribute to Mr. Arlo Guthrie
and the Original Alice, who is now
an artist in Provincetown, Mass...

As most baby bloomers know,
during the mid 1960's, folk singer
Arlo Guthrie recorded an 18
minute song (story) about his
friend, Alice M. Brock, who ran a
restaurant in Stockbridge, Mass.  

The song, which was one of many
protests against the Vietnam War,
was later turned into
a movie.

People used to sing this song to
me all the time when I was
growing up.  And more people
than I can count have asked me
the all-important question, "Is it
true you can get anything you
want at Alice's Restaurant?"

My reply -- then and now -- is a
word-for-word, unforgettable
quote from
the song itself (italics
courtesy of Mr. Guthrie, himself).

"You can get anything you want,
at Alice's Restaurant
Excepting Alice.
You can get anything you want,
at Alice's Restaurant.
Walk right in it's around the back.
Just a half a mile from the
railroad track.
You can get anything you want,
at Alice's Restaurant

...DA DA DA DA DA DA DA Dum...
At Alice's Restaurant."

©1966, 1967 (Renewed) by
Appleseed Music Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
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