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Feature Stories

Masked Examples: Business Analysis/Project
Management and Other Technical Documents

Other Miscellaneous Publications
  • Review (July/Aug. 1998 to Sept./Oct. 2000 issues)
  • Central Banker (Spring 2000 to Fall 2005 issues, only available
    in hard-copy format)


Samples Viewed Via Hard Copy (only)

Some types of samples should not be posted on the Web.
During a personal meeting, I will be more than happy to show
you hard copies of the following samples:
  • blended-learning story boards
  • business process flow charts
  • course syllabi
  • CBT/WBT instructional design documents
  • end-user guides
  • facilitator guides
  • job aids
  • project plans and related documentation
  • use cases
  • video scripts
  • APIs
  • release notes
Alice C. Dames
Please contact me if you wish to
view hard copies of the samples
listed here.
Technical Communicator, Business Analyst, Project
Manager, Instructional Designer and Certified Trainer